Not everyone has a loaded bank account or assets that they can liquidate worth billions, hundreds of thousands of dollars or maybe even a few hundred.  But there are plenty of ways that we can show support for one another. All too often we’re envious of others who have the means to do great things for someone who may be very well deserving instead of applauding them for their support. No one that I’m aware of became successful in life by merely wishing for it. There were several factors involved which probably included “someone” working very hard along the way (especially if it was inherited). I will exclude the Lottery and any type of gambling which still takes money, virtue of having the right numbers, playing at the right time and money to play in the first place. This is purely about those who are willing to do what it takes to put others first in “some” way, shape or form. One tremendous example of support was recently shown by NBA standout Paul George. Remember, it’s about the support, not the attention it may draw or just because one happens to have wealth. Your challenge for this week is to be the most amazing Team Mate you can be by being supportive. Reach out and be the Team Mate who puts someone first in an unprecedented way!